Syed Sohail Tanvir, Sameeh J Khan.
Spectrum of gastrointestinal pathology in chronic renal failure patients.
J Pak Inst Med Sci Jan ;15(1):839-44.

A total of 168 cases of chronic renal failure who had GI symptoms were investigated by endoscopic examination for upper GI lesions. Age ranged from 21 to 65 years with a mean age of 40.3 years. Male: female ratio was 1.85:1. Aetiologically CRF was most commonly due to diabetes mellitus (30.9%), followed by chronic glomerulonephritis (23.2%), membranoproliferative GN (13.1%), membranous GN (4.8%), focal segmental GN (4.2%), and other lesions. Dyspepsia, heart burn, nausea, anorexia and abdominal distension were common GI symptoms. On endoscopy, esophageal involvement was seen in 46%, gastric lesions in 27% and duodenal involvement in 15% of cases. Esophagitis, gastritis and duodenitis together were observed in 3% of cases.


Although it is a good data to display, however presence of H pylori, cirrhosis, use of different medications etc that may have some meaning for these findings can make it useful. It is difficult to collect data in more detail however we can keep on trying for even stronger articles.
Posted by: ntarif on Jul 2005

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