Saira Javed, Kausar Alams, Nighat Bhati, Muhammad Nawaz, Farida Manzoor, Jawwad Husain.
Protein Metabolites; (creatinine & urea) elimination through kidneys in healthy females.
Professional Med J Jan ;11(1):27-30.

The elimination of blood and urinary levels of creatinine and urea, were determined in healthy volunteers who were on normal diet. Setting: University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. Objectives: The present study was aimed at analyzing the renal elimination of endogenous creatinine and urea in healthy females to establish a base line data for the local population. Materials & Methods: The blood and urine samples of 8 healthy female subjects, collected at appropriate time intervals, were retained for the determination of endogenous creatinine and urea in them, spectrophotometrically. Results & Discussion: The mean ± SD concentration of creatinine in plasma of healthy female volunteers was 9.23± 2.54 µg/ml and in urine 374.08±489.90 µg/ml. Whereas, concentration of urea in plasma was 290.46± 107.27 µg/ml and in urine 27172.80± 4338.45 µg/ml. Creatinine renal clearance was 0.81± 0.49 ml/min/kg (range 0.15-1.18) and urea clearance 9.11± 0.11 ml/min/kg (range 0.04-0.26). These values existed within the normal range as described in the literature, but a bit lower than values given in the foreign literature. Conclusion: Creatinine and urea levels in the body are relatively stable. These remain unchanged unless there is sudden deterioration in renal function.

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