Muhammad Yousaf, Ahmad Kamal Ansari.
Comparison of postprandial variations in electrocardiogram in young and elderly people.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;39(2):87-90.

Food intake is one of the most important physiological factors, which influence the cardiovascular system, and very important readjustments take place in the system after ingestion of meal. In the present study postprandial electrocardiographic changes both in young adults (n=20) and elderly people (n=50) have been compared. The P-R interval, Q-T interval, duration of QRS and amplitude of QRS complex (åQRS) showed no significant change both in elderly people and young adults. R-R interval was shortened significantly in young adult group while it remained unchanged in elderly people. The magnitude of T-wave (åT) was significantly reduced both in young adults and the elderly people.

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