Asim Iqbal, Mubarik Ali, Sami Mumtaz, Taqadas Abbas, Waseem Hameed.
Clinical study to compare effectiveness of Mechanical Nasal Dilators to relieve Nasal Obstruction in different conditions.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;10(3):252-5.

Most of the patients in the ENT Department presents with Nasal symptoms. Nasal obstruction is the most common problem among these patients. Mechanical Nasal dilators are effective to manage mild to moderate Nasal airflow resistance. This study of 500 patients, was conducted at ENT Outpatient Department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore during the period of Jan 2001 to Dec 2003. The patients were selected randomly. The effectiveness and tolerance of Breath Right compared with Nosovent. The Breath Right is better tolerated by female and sensitive male. But efficacy of Nosovent is far superior than External Nasal dilator.

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