Mazhar Iqbal, Asadullah Khan.
An audit of histopathological reports of cases of Appendicitis.
J Surg Pak Jan ;9(3):22-3.

To document the causes of appendicitis at review of histopathlogical reports of surgical specimen a five year study was conducted in ward-3 at, JPMC Karachi; from June 1999 to June 2004. A total of 996 patients above 12 years of age were included in the study. All the patients were evaluated for acute Appendicitis in Emergency department of JPMC and appendicectomies were performed. Histopathological reports were obtained from Basic Medical Sciences Institute of JPMC and results were analyzed. Histopathological reports revealed acute suppurative appendicitis in 38.05% cases, acute appendicitis in 37.65%, lymphoid hyperplasia in 10.34%, fecolith in 3.5%, acute necrotizing appendicitis in 3.3%, chronic obliterative appendicitis in 2.8% and normal appendix in 2.8%, Entrobius vermicularis in appendix was found in 0.6% cases, eosinophilic appendicitis in 0.04%, granulomatous appendicitis in 0.3%, adenocarcinoma in 0.1% and ova of Ascaris lumbricoides found in appendix in 0.1 %. Some rare interesting causes of appendicitis were also found in our study.

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