Hassan Mahmood Tabassum, Muhammad Anwar.
Short bowel syndrome: An update.
J Surg Pak Jan ;9(4):42-5.

With the advent of anesthesia and better operative facilities, many patients suffering from dangerous gut diseases that were not likely to survive in near past are saved now. Non availability of parenteral nutrition was another factor in their early mortality. The advent of parenteral nutrition and its better availability has prolonged the misery of this killer disease. On the other hand development of rh-GH, IGF-I, short bowel lengthening, short bowel transplantation and better immunosuppressants have a ray of hope for the better survival of these patients. Some of the patients are saved and enjoying independent life, a lot are handicap of parenteral nutrition while majority is prey to this killer disease. Yet it is challenging era for the whole universe of medicine.

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