Afzal Khan, Mah Muneer Khan, Shoab Shah.
Effectiveness of fine needle aspiration cytology in diagnosis of cold thyroid nodules.
J Med Sci May ;13(2):148-50.

Background: Thyroid nodules occur in 4-15% of adult population. The major challenge faced by a clinician is to determine whether a thyroid nodule is benign or malignant. Research Methodology: This study was designed to determine the effectiveness of Fine needle aspiration cytology in diagnosing the pathological varieties of thyroid nodule presenting in a teaching hospital. 48 consecutive non-randomized patients presenting with thyroid nodule were included in the study and underwent fine needle aspiration cytology. Results: 12.5% (6) cases were subsequently diagnosed as having thyroid malignancy (Papillary/ Follicular). Further stratification showed that 18% of cases with multiple nodules and 7.7% of cases with solitary nodules had malignancy. Conclusion: Fine needle aspiration cytology is a cost effective and efficient tool in diagnosing early thyroid malignancies.

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