Tariq Sarfraz, Humaira Tariq.
Histopathological findings in Menorrhagia a study of 100 hysterectomy specimens.
Pak J Pathol May ;16(3):83-5.

Introduction: Menorrhagia is common cause of anemia and may be due to multiple reasons. The exact percentage of different diseases presenting with menorrhagia is not known in our set up. Objective: To find out the causes of menorrhagia by histological examination of hysterectomy method. Material and Method: A two year study from Jan 2003 to Dec 2004 of 100 cases of menorrhagia undergoing hysterectomy was conducted at Combined Military Hospital, Sialkot. Histopathological examination of all hysterectomy specimens was done to find out the definitive causes of menorrhagia. Result: Majority of the patients presenting with menorrhagia belonged to 41-50 yrs age group (63%). The most common histopathological diagonosis was found to be leimyoma in 48% of the cases followed by adenomyosis Chronic Endometritis (3%), Endometrial Polyps (3%) and Endometrial Hyperplasia (3%) were less commonly found causes. Six percentage of the patients had unremarkable findings on histopathological examination of their specimens. Conclusion: The result of study is consistent with previous reports showing absence of malignancy in this age group with predominance of leiomyoma and adenomyosis amongst benign pathologies.

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