K Usman Masud, A U Wadood, Karam Shah, Sanaullah, Jamil A Mirza, N J Sahibzada.
Bronchial Carcinoid - Case Report.
Biomedica Jan ;14:51-2.

A 55 years old male, presented with productive cough for 3 years. X-ray chest showed collapse of right lung. He had repeated courses of antibiotics and received antituberculous drugs without any evidence of sputum AFB positivity. Bronchoscopic examination showed a nodular mass which occupied almost all of the right major bronchus. Bronchoscopic biopsy was taken which proved on histology as bronchial carcinoid. Grossly the biopsy was 0.2 cm in maximum dimention greyish yellow in colour. Histologically the tumor was composed of nests, islands and ribbons of round to oval nucleated cells with uniform stippled nuclei and eosinophilic cytoplasm lying in fibrovascular stroma. The covering epithelium showed squamous metaplasia.

Bronchial carcinoid is a rare tumor and comprises 1 to 5% of the primary pulmonary neoplasms. It usually presents as a slow growing solitary polypoid mass within a major bronchus. Most cases occur in adults.

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