Tariq Rafi.
Tympanoplasty in Children - A Study of 30 Cases.
J Surg Pak Jan ;6(2):11-2.

A retrospective study of 30 cases, in which Type-I tympanoplasty was done, over a period of three years from 1998 to 2000 is presented. Tympanoplasty in children under 18 years of age is usually not done because of the high failure rate, as compared to adults and surgery is deferred till they reach the age of 18 years. The efect of delaying surgery is on speech development and chances of development of cholesteatoma due to invasion of squamous epithelium. Majority of the patients had dry ear, except few who had moist ear. Post-aural underlay technique was used in majority of cases. Clinical success with an intact graft on a six months followup; was 7296 which, though low, is encouraging.

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