Muhammad Alfareed Zafar, Samina Shamim, Haroona Khalil, Khawaja.
Prevalence of HELLP Syndrome among Pregnant Women.
J Surg Pak Jan ;6(2):34-5.

A study was carried out to examine the prevalence of HELLP syndrome at Lady Aitchison hospital Lahore, between Jan 2000 and August 2001. A total of 8230 pregnant women, ages 15 to 44 years (mean 25), presenting for delivery were evaluated and 2705 were selected for screening in order to diagnose HELLP syndrome. These were either suspected to have preeclampsia or had eclampsia (1735) or pain in epigastrium or right hypochondrium along with malaise (467) or severe nausea and / or vomiting (503). They were evaluated by liver function tests, platelet count and peripheral blood smear for RBC morphology. Hemolysis was defined by abnormal peripheral smear and increased bilirubin (1.2 mg/dL). Elevated liver enzymes, defined as increased serum aspartate amino transferase ( 70 IU/L), increased alanine aminotransferase (> 70) and a low platelet count (<100,000/mm3). A total of 43 cases of HELLP syndrome were diagnosed, who fulfilled all the three criteria.

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