Sudarshan M K.
Administration of Rabies Immunoglobulins (RIGs): Allaying fears and instilling confidence.
Infect Dis J Jan ;15(1):9-12.

Rabies is a practically 100% fatal disease even today. Following a rabid animal bite, the modern rabies vaccines viz. human diploid cell vaccine, purified chick embryo cell rabies vaccine, purified verocell rabies vaccine and purified duck embryo vaccine, even if given immediately after the bite, are capable of producing the sero-protective titre (0.5 IU per mL) in the bitten person only by about day 14 (14 days after the first dose of vaccine), thus leaving the person vulnerable to rabies during this window period of the first fortnight. Whenthe bites are severe, multiple, and particularly those on head, neck, face, hands and genitalia are known to have a short incubation period, of even 4 days only. Thus, these individuals are vulnerable to rabies despite the timely and full 5-6 doses of any modern rabies vaccine and proper wound care. In these individuals only RIGs are life saving, as their timely and proper administration neutralizes the virus in the wounds and aborts the risk of developing rabies. This is a review article.

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