Mohammad Saleh Elarbi.
The management of an Oroantral fistula - a clinical study of 30 cases.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;26(1):55-8.

The report presented is an analysis of 30 patients with an oroantral Fistula. The tooth most frequently involved was the upper first molar, followed by the second molar and second premolar. The highest incidence was seen in the third and the fourth decades of life and the lowest incidence in the second decade. In this study intercurrent sinusitis was the most obvious cause of the chronic oroantral communication. Long-term successful closure depends on the technique used, the size and location of the defect, and on the presence or absence of sinus pathology. The buccal advancement flap is the most commonly used in this study. The advantages and limitation of the technique as well as of other techniques are discussed.

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