Muslim Khan, Abdus Salam.
Clinical and radiological behaviour of Dentigerous cyst — study.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;26(1):63-6.

The maxillofacial region is affected by a greater number of cysts than any other part of the body. The present study (A descriptive case series) is about the clinical, features i.e. age, sex and site distribution and radiological features of dentigerous cyst performed on 47 biopsy proved cases over a period of two years. This cystic lesion is common in males (60%) as compared to females (40%). The most common age group is the second decade (48.9%) of life. The mandibular third molar region (57.44%) is the most favorite anatomical site, followed by maxillary canine region (25.53%). Swelling has been the most common chief complaint i.e. (61.702%). In 19.14% of patients, dentigerous cyst was a chance radiographic finding. The most common radiological feature is a well circumscribed unilocular radiolucency surrounding the crown of a tooth (96%) modalities were enucleation (83%), marsupialization (11%) and marsupialization followed by enucleation (6%).

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